Arotahi | Focus


Arotahi | Focus is a web app developed to do two things. First, it is to showcase possibilities of the Te Papa Collections API and accompanying IIIF image framework.

Secondly, Arotahi | Focus shows the possibility of using the Te Papa collections for mindfulness exercises.

Shortcut link:


Sparkle music: Ambient Drone Solfeggio (Headphaze, CC-BY)

Concept seeding: Slow looking (Cogapp Labs)

Developer: @staplegun

Image hosting: IIIFHosting

Code libraries: OpenSeadragon, Tone.js, NoSleep.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Fonts, Iconic Eye 2 icon,

Te Papa Collections Online

Te Papa Collections API

Arotahi | Focus source code git repository

Data usage

As with many other digital services, viewing high-resolution images needs some of your device’s internet data allowance to operate. Each time you view an image it may use up to 5 MB (or more) of your data allowance. If you are unsure of this impact on your data plan (particularly mobile), please contact your internet/mobile service provider.